Never settle for the best

Micronics reputation for being professional, profound and progressive has been achieved by studying the details and getting to grips with and an in-depth understanding of our customer needs. To this end we focus on improving our services to be perfect through perseverance and diligence in our work.

What the “Professional, Profound and Progressive” stands for?

Micronics will be patient enough in discussing it thoroughly across all departments, making the observations from the uers’ point of view. Therefore customers can be sure to make the best result in data recovery from damage media and bring them real utilities that achieve their goals.

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We respect and cherish each customer’s suggestion from elsewhere India. After receiving your suggestion, your customer representative will contact you promptly, at the same time our Research and Development Department is processing a simultaneous analysis of the feasibility and practicality for your suggestion ending with an in-depth report.

We dedicated to the research and development for improve data recovery case make positive result.

Six things Micronics has found to be true

Each outstanding company has a uniquely identifiable enterprise culture: The staff at Micronics share the same beliefs and values and adhere to the truths we believe in and comply with them continuously.

1. Focus on the user and all else will follow.

From its inception, Micronics has focused on providing the best user experience possible. By always placing the interests of the user first, Micronics has built the most loyal client base in the data recovery industry. And that growth has come not through ad campaigns, but through word of mouth from one satisfied user to another.

2. Easy-to-use is a key factor

In today’s highly competitive data recovery industry, it is not easy to become a comprehensive, professional data recovery technician. Fortunately, Micronics has the magic to convert complication into simplification and difficulty into ease. We have embedded functions into a button and make your work so much easier, along with professional brochures and manuals; you are able to capture each difficult technical problem one by one. In this way, it lowers your cost greatly on learning professional servicesSS and techniques.

3.Sharing makes things better

Internet has changed our daily lives. It teaches us how to share. With this idea in our mind, Micronics is willing to share our achievement and experience with more customers globally. We have infused the sharing idea into our services. More customers can share the excellent solutions from Micronics, and achieve success in their business. Vice versa, we share the success from our customers too.

4.Fast is better than slow.

For businessmen, time is money; for doctors, time is life. And for us, a correct concept of time and a rapid feedback, it means a respect for the customer and the embodiment of professionalism. Fast, it is not only revealed in the performance of our services, but also in the new technology and keen awareness and prediction of the future trends in this industry. Micronics is the first company, which has own class 100 lab for Head/ Platter change of HDD.

5.We are teamwork players.

We advocate teamwork; we refuse to be solitary heroes. Success is a teamwork task, which need joint efforts and wisdom. Every member of staff at Micronics carries out their duties through their hard work and self-dedication for a common goal to the best. United, we stand.

6.You don’t need to be in your lab to finish professional tasks.

The world is increasingly mobile and unwilling to be constrained to a fixed location. While your competitors are still sitting at reception desk and waiting for customers and cases coming to their door, you can take Micronics products and arrive at the scene and diagnosis cases for clients. you are always able to stay competitive and one step ahead than others because of your fast on-site response and quality customer service.

Choosing Micronics, it is not only a choice of products and services but also the conviction of success.