Linux Recovery

Linux is an Open Source implementation of UNIX which runs on many different hardware platforms including Intel, SparcĀ®, PowerPC, and Alpha Processors.

Virtual Machines are software implementations of computer systems through hardware, software or a combination of both. They can either pose as a complete operating (OS)

This is a removable storage device mainly used for backing up data. The drive acts like a tape recorder, reading data from the computer and writing it on to the tape.

Novell is typically running computer system on IBM PC-compatible hardware, providing file and print sharing services to personal computers. Novell Netware server crashes

Network Attached Systems (NAS) enable users to store and share data over a local area network (LAN). With NAS, additional storage capacity can be easily provided

Database Recovery

Corrupted database files and device, Accidentally deleted records, Deleted or dropped tables,Backup files not recognizable by database engine, Accidentally overwritten database files & devices