The Cerber ransomware is distributed via spam email containing infected attachments or links to malicious websites. Cyber-criminals spam out an email,

Poor “un Structural” conventional backup methodologies such as tape, CD/DVD and External hard-disk Etc. are not good enough because of High failure rates during data restoration

Data Wiping Services

You are planning to recycle your laptops, Mobile Phones and PCs, but worried about the plight of your precious and confidentialĀ data in the hard drive?

Data is a critical asset. Data that is not properly managed & secured becomes a liability. Protecting your data protects your business.

Linux Recovery

Linux is an Open Source implementation of UNIX which runs on many different hardware platforms including Intel, SparcĀ®, PowerPC, and Alpha Processors.

Virtual Machines are software implementations of computer systems through hardware, software or a combination of both. They can either pose as a complete operating (OS)