Linux is an Open Source implementation of UNIX which runs on many different hardware platforms including Intel, Sparc®, PowerPC, and Alpha Processors. Hundreds of application programs have been written for Linux, some of these by the GNU project. Linux’s architecture like LNA creates a more reliable system. Systems using protected memory and pre-emptive multitasking are inherently more stable. Because the source to Linux is open source, it is easy to customize and to update rapidly (total cost of ownership is also low). This flexibility has enabled Linux to run on everything from handheld and embedded systems to clusters of hundreds of servers. LNA uses on the server side an industry- standard platforms running the Linux operating system.

  • linux data recovery
  •  ext2,ext3,ext4 linux file system data recovery
  • red hate linux data recovery

Our expertise in recovering data from situations like:

  •  Crashed LILO boot record
  •  Files deleted in File System
  • Deleted volumes
  • Damaged superb lock
  • Corrupted inode
  • Broken disk
  • Improper configuration of multi-operating systems 

Our Linux Data Recovery Services supports all flavors and file system like:

Linux versions

  •  RedHat Linux7.1/7.2/7.3/8.0/9
  •  RedHat Advanced Server2.1
  •  RedHat Enterprise Linux Advanced Server3 

Linux File systems

  •  Ext4
  •  Ext3
  •  Ext2
  •  exFAT
  •  FAT32
  •  FAT16
  •  FAT12

Linux Flavors

  •  Caldera
  •  Debian
  •  Mandrake
  •  Turbo Linux
  •  RedHat
  •  Suse
  •  Gentoo
  •  Slack ware
  •  SCO.

Hard drive media  

  • IDE
  • EIDE
  • ATA
  • SCSI 
  • SAS
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