Smart Mobile Data Recovery — (ONLY DEAD PHONE)

Smart Mobile Data Recovery specializes in retrieving data from dead phones. Our expert technicians employ advanced techniques to recover valuable information from non-functional mobile devices. Trust us to salvage your data when your phone is no longer operational. Your memories are not lost with Smart Mobile Data Recovery. 

Please do not call for Any working mobile – we closed mobile services for Any issue in working in Mobile. 

Smart Mobile Internal Memory Data Recovery? Don’t Panic We are providing DATA RECOVERY SERVICES for All Brand Smart Mobile of Android, Apple, BlackBerry and Microsoft., data loss due to mobile is not working.  

Micronics Data Recovery Lab is Full-service Specializing in successful data recoveries of any Brand Of physical failed Mobile. We have invested in today’s technologies, tools and experiences to deliver high success rates for failed mobiles. Our Lab engineers have sucessfully recovered data from the more popular smart mobile/ phones like Samsung, Lg, Sony, Google, HTC, Apple iPhones, lenevo, asus , Micromax  and etc. 

Our Lab Enginner is knowlege in any plateform smart phone/ Mobile Data recovery services  Like Android, Apple, Blackberry and Microsoft.  

  • Adroid Smart Phone data recovery


  • Apple Smart Phone Data Recovery



  • BlackBerry phone Data Recovery



  • Microsoft phone Data Recovery



Generally Smart Mobie/ phone Data Loss due to logical problem and physical problem. 

Physical  Problem 

  • Touch screen not working  
  •  Water Damage
  •  Completly Destroyed 
  •  Motherboard not repairable
  • Physical Crashed (Drop Down)

 ( limted mobile solution available due to Android androd 6.0 and Higher Encryption  )   

in Market Mobile user are suffer above logical and physical problems and they loss data from them smart mobile ,  That would be Contact , sms , Social Media chat , Call Log, Internal memory Documents , Music, Vedio , Call Recording and photos memories 

Micronics lab Engineer is Expert in Any Brand Mobile and Any Problem like logical or Physical , We recovered successful  Smart mobile data and recovered contact , sms, call log, internal memories Documents, music, vedio , photos and Call Recording as per user Requirement data .  

  • SMS  
  • WhatsApp Data 
  • Call Recording

Micronics Labs boasts extremely high success rate in recovering data from all kinds of failed Android Phones. We have worked on all the different versions of an Android Smart Mobilefrom Jellybean, KitKat, IceCream Sandwich and Marshmallow operating systems.

  • Deleted hangouts?
  • Do you need your text messages?
  • Is your Android phone physically damages?
  • Corruption to your Android operating system?
  • Apps like Snap Chat, Facebook Chat and more

Our engineers have extensive experience in recovering data from your failed Android device. If you really want your important data back, there is only one place to bring your Mobile !

Micronics Labs Data Recovery has also successfully recovered data from all kinds of Mobile s including:

  • Samsung
  • LG
  • Lenevo
  • Asus
  • Sony
  • Galaxy
  • HTC
  • Google
  • Microsoft Windows Phone
  • Nokia
  • Huawei
  • Blackberry
  • OPPO
  • XOLO
  • Nexus

Even those old Mobile s that don’t work, we can retrieve your important data. Our engineers can recover data from virtually any phone with all types of crashes.