Our Price Guarantee: We guarantee our price and our data recovery service. Here at Micronics, we feel we can beat and /or match any competitor in the market in all facets, and that includes performance as well as price. With that in mind, we offer a guarantee- we’ll beat anyone’s prices flat-out! Simply provide our sales associates with a quote from any established competitor and we will beat or match that quote.

Treat People As Customers Before They Are Our Customers

  • We charge each and every case as per media problem found
  • We never charge for emergency need of customer.
  • We never misused customer critical data need.
  • We never change price policy whether customer is home, soho, corporate, Government
  • No charge on No recovery
  • Diagnostic Standard Evaluation is Free ( Beyond Standard evaluation charge @ 500/- Rs. + GST )
  • The most competitive and affordable prices
  • Free shipping Gujarat region
  • Free technique support within office hours( 10.30 am to 8.30 pm Mon- Sat)
  • Free logical recovery remote support for registered customer
micronics guarantee our price and our data recovery service

FAQs Related Price

What is price for DATA RECOVERY ?

Our pricing structure is determined by 3 main factors:
• Type Of Media Problem: ( e.g . Logical Or Physical )
• Capacity Of Media : ( e.g. 40gb, 250gb, 500gb, 1tb, 2TB and etc )
• type Of Media Configuration : ( e.g used isolated , used in network storage, used in server and etc .)

My Hard disk is 1TB AND My Data is 1gb Important than what is price for Recovery ?

Our Data Recovery charges are Never Depend On DATA Size , it is depending on Media Problem . Means If Media has Logical crashed than lower charges and If media is physically Crashd than it is more charges than logically.

can you say your data recovery Minimum or Maximum chages ?

If Media has Standard Problem than we will charrge @ 3000/- Rs. Beyond Standard problem we will not perfom any Data recovery work without prior customer approval . we can not Say about Maximum Charges becuase price is decide by according to Media problems .

Is there Any Checking/ Analysing Charges for Our Media ?

Micronics Data Recovery will perform a media evaluation/assessment to provide client with an estimate for recovery costs. This assessment is free of charge (applies only to Standard recovery jobs) and any work beyond this evaluation will not be performed without first obtaining explicit client approval. Beyond Standard evaluation charge @ 250/- Rs. + Services Tax

If Data is Not Recover By Micronics than Customer has to Pay Any charges ?

If no data is recovered by Micronics , client will not be charged per Micronics No Data Recovered, No Charge Policy (This excludes any parts fee and attempt fee charges for “High Priority” or “RAID” jobs).

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is it possible to Payment made After Data verification ?

Yes, We always First Verifying Data , if customer is happy than we generate invoice.
Payment is due in full upon completion & successful recovery. Micronics will not release client’s data until payment is made unless otherwise arranged by Micronics management. Once Data is Approved By customer than we will be charge for Data Recovery.