Micronics excels in Tap Media Recovery, employing advanced techniques to restore lost or corrupted data from tape storage. Our expertise ensures swift and precise recovery, minimizing downtime. Trust Micronics for unparalleled Tap Media Recovery solutions, safeguarding your critical data and preserving business continuity.

Efficient Removable Storage for Data Backup

Tape drives, akin to tape recorders, serve as removable storage devices primarily for data backup. Operating by reading and writing data onto tape, they excel in handling large capacities at a lower cost than comparable hard drives. Ideal for incremental backups, tape drives offer a cost-effective solution for securing and managing scattered data.

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As information-technology budgets shrink, low-cost tape storage has become more attractive as a way to manage ever increasing corporate data growth.

Micronics experts recover data faster and more cost-effectively regardless of the circumstances. Utilizing advanced technology and expert techniques, we can recover and repair inaccessible data from any type of tape.  

Our expertise in Tape Recovery in situations like:

  •  Reformatted/Erased Tapes
  • Media Errors
  • Malicious Damage  
  • Incomplete Backups
  • Overwritten Data

A broken or damaged tape can make it difficult to retrieve important data stored on the device.  When your tape fails, and you are suddenly without the data you need.

Micronics Lab Engineer is known how much you rely on accessing your media and we aim to make sure that you have access to it at all times.

Tape Data Recovery Services

Micronics Data Recovery Lab offers tape data recovery services for all types of tapes, including:

  • LTO formats: LTO1, LTO2, LTO3, LTO4, LTO5
  • Super DLT, DLT8000, DLT7000
  • Travan Data Cartridge
  • Sony AIT, AIT2 and AIT3
  • DC2000 mini data cartridge
  • StorageTek 9840, 9940 Series
  • Exabyte 8mm 8200, 9500, 9700 .3480, 3490, 3490E
  • M2 tape series
  • 9-track
  • Ditto
  • VXA
  • ADR

Tape Cataloguing Services

We provide tape cataloguing services to organize and index your un-labelled backup tapes.

If you have stacks of tapes that require sorting, managing and identifying data stored on backup tapes, call us now for more details.

Tape Data Recovery – Causes of Data Loss

There are a number of reasons a tape may become unreliable, many of which are out of your control.  Just because there was damage to the tape or taping device does not mean that you should have to suffer the inconvenience of lost data.  We can help you retrieve data from tapes with: 

  •   Physical Damage: Tapes that are broken, scratched, or have experienced flood or fire damage.
  •   Corrupt Files:  Files that have been damaged in a way that makes them irretrievable by the taping device or other computer.
  •   Old software: Old models of tapes that do not function with new software upgrades.