Evaluation Authorization

Micronics Data Recovery will perform a media evaluation/assessment to provide client with an estimate for recovery costs. This assessment is free of charge (applies only to Standard recovery jobs) and any work beyond this evaluation will not be performed without first obtaining explicit client approval.


Micronics agrees to non-disclosure of any and all information supplied or recovered for client. All employees or agents of Micronics are subject to non-disclosure confidentiality agreements.

Client Rights

All data/information/property sent to Micronics is solely owned by the client or representing agent of the client.


  • Data Recovery is not guaranteed.
  • Micronics Data Recovery will not be held liable for any claims regarding the physical functioning/condition of Storage media/equipment sent to Micronics in functioning or non-functioning condition.
  • Micronics assumes no liability for damage to clients’ data and or property while performing data recovery procedures. Any liability including negligence by Micronics will only affect the price of the data recovery services rendered.
  • Micronics Data Recovery, its employees and affiliates may transport client media/equipment/data to, from and between their facilities.
  • Any computer, media, property left with Micronics unclaimed for 30 days, will be disposed of. Recovered client data will be stored for 15 days subsequent to recovery. At which time, Micronics shall have no liability to the client or their representative.
  • Micronics will not be liable for any damages or losses caused by an outsourced shipping/courier service used by the client or Micronics.
  • Client is aware of the risks involved with data recovery. Property damage may occur during the data recovery process. Client accepts these inherent risks in the recovery process, therefore Micronics will not be held liable for any such damages caused by this process.

Time Frame:

1-7 days in case of Logical part. 1-15 days in case of logical part + missing physical head reading issue, 1-30 days in case of donor parts is not available in local market .


  • Payment is due in full upon completion & successful recovery. Micronics will not release client’s data until payment is made unless otherwise arranged by Micronics management.
  • If no data is recovered by Micronics , client will not be charged per Micronics No Data Recovered, No Charge Policy (This excludes any parts fee and attempt fee charges for “High Priority” or “RAID” jobs).
  • Client remedies for unsatisfactory work shall be, at Micronics option, partial or full refund of client service charge.
  • Client is financially responsible for all shipping costs, custom duties and taxes to and from Micronics Data Recovery.
  • We accept VISA, MasterCard, cheque, wire transfer, NEFT//RTGS/IMPS, Cash are also welcomed.


Although most leading manufacturers will accept hard drives worked on and opened by Micronics, manufacturer warranty is not guaranteed. Micronics does not guarantee clients’ drive to be accepted by all manufacturers and any warranty discrepancies will be dealt between manufacturer and client. Micronics holds no responsibility in honoring clients’ manufacturer warranties