Micronics is using world best technology tools for data recovery HDD, PEN DRIVE, MEMORYCARD, MOBILE DEVICE.

    • Analog Technology:  We can now generate important information to boot a drive with Analog™ Technology. The goal is to be able to reconstruct the faulty part when there is a problem, so we can skip the firmware donor and get straight to the data.
    • DBER Dynamic Balancing Enhanced Reading Technology: DBER is a technology that allows you to recover data from sectors which are not previously accessible. DBER uses mapping algorithms to provide a result that is 30% more successful than similar products.  
    • ShadowDisk Technology: With ShadowDisk, each read request towards the source disk is transferred to the corresponding sectors on the shadow disk. This ensures minimal read requests towards the source disk and helps decrease damage to head and media.

( Micronics 3+1 Approach) : Micronics provides all-inclusive data recovery services, ensuring that it can extract the broadest sense of data from any form of storage media.