Flash Drive Data Recovery

Micronics® offers unparalleled Flash Drive Data Recovery services, employing advanced techniques to revive formatted, corrupted, or deleted data seamlessly. Trust us for expert solutions that reunite you with vital information, ensuring precision and security. Our skilled engineers specialize in recovering data from various flash drive failures, including physical damage, data corruption, and liquid or heat damage. We handle brands like Lexar, PNY, Sony, and more. Protect your flash drives by avoiding extreme temperatures, securing proper removal, and never leaving them unattended in computers. Micronics® Labs is your go-to for comprehensive flash drive data recovery.

Experiencing pen drive data loss? Our cutting-edge technology ensures the recovery of your damaged pen drive with a 100% assured data recovery guarantee. Data recovery services are also provided for deleted pen drive data, formatted pen drive data, and not detected pen drives. 

Flash drives and USB thumb drives are extremely convenient ways to transport data from one location to the next. Whether its family photos or a critical business presentation, most consumers use these small devices on a daily basis to hold valuable data. Flash drives and thumb drives are relatively durable; however, they are still microelectronic devices and are susceptible to damage and failure.

Some of the most common causes of flash drive failure:

  • Physical damage – This can occur if the USB connection is broken or bent and, in the process, has caused damage to the board inside the drive’s case. These Flash drives need to be examined in our Class100 Cleanroom in order to recover data from them.
  • Data corruption – Data corruption can be caused by viruses, static electricity (can also cause physical damage), operating system failure, software malfunction, and not properly removing the device from a computer.
  • Liquid & heat damage – Being extremely small and portable, it is not uncommon for Flash drives to suffer from submersion or excessive heat damage, such as being left in an automobile or direct sunlight.
  • pen drive data recovery
  • Logical or Physical Crashed Pen Drive Data Recovery

Micronics® Labs data recovery engineers possess the expertise to recover data from all the mentioned flash drive failures and have encountered most imaginable scenarios. 

Tips for Protecting Flash Drives

  • Do not expose Flash drives to extreme temperatures, this can cause damage to the electronic components of the drive.
  • Always “stop” or “remove” the device from a computer before removing it from the computers USB port—disregarding this step can cause data corruption or deletion.  

Our Engineer is Expert in 

USB Device Not Recognized problem Data Recovery

Our Engineer Expert in Following Brand  

  •   Lexar
  •   PNY
  •   Moser Bear
  •   I Ball
  •   Sony
  •   Toshiba 
  •   Kingston
  •   Hp
  •   Transcend
  •   Sandisk