Novell is typically running computer system on IBM PC-compatible hardware, providing file and print sharing services to personal computers. Novell Netware server crashes due to corrupt volumes after damage in file data structures, an accidental disk format, virus attack, human error, partition loss, software malfunction, file or directory deletion, corrupt or damaged partition table, drive not booting and so on.

This happens when NDS (Novell Directory Services) in Novell OS get damaged.

novell Partition table destroyed

Directory services are databases of information for storing, accessing, managing, and using different kinds of information about users and resources in a computing environment. Novell Directory Services (NDS) is an object-oriented implementation of directory services based on X.500 that allows one to build sophisticated naming schemes and databases across network-wide resources. The NDS architecture provides global access to all the network resources regardless of their physical location, forming a single information system.

Microncs Lab Engineer Knowledge

  • Novell Netware
  •  NWFS  
  •  NET 386  
  •  Novell NSS  

Recovers inaccessible data lost due to

  •  virus infection  
  •  hardware glitches
  •  software malfunction   
  • accidental deletion. . 

Our expertise in Novell recovery includes:

  • Recovers data from the deleted Novell partitions
  • Recovery of bad sectors
  • Recovery if Volume does not mounts
  • Recovery even if the Master Pool or Volume Leaf is deleted or corrupted in NSS
  • Recovery even if File allocations are damaged
  • Recovery from Novell deleted volumes
  • Recovery from sub-allocated Netware volumes
  • Recovery from compressed Novell files
  • Recovery from the Novell Netware volumes where “VREPAIR” failed to repair the volumes
  • Full support to data recovery from IDE, EIDE, SCSI, SATA and SAS drives
  • Recovery if Novell Operating system is corrupted
  • Easily recovers inaccessible and lost data from compressed files and directories   

We provide recovery for Novell system which has suffered any one of the following

  • Partition table destroyed
  • Corrupted Hot fix tables
  • Missing Mirror tables or volume tables
  • Corrupted FAT or DTE
  • Volumes deleted
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