Data Wiping Services

Micronics provides comprehensive Data Wiping, Data Erasing, and Degaussing Services, ensuring secure removal of sensitive information from various storage media. Our advanced techniques guarantee data sanitization, meeting industry standards. Trust Micronics for efficient solutions in safeguarding confidential data during laptop, mobile phone, and PC recycling.

Concerned about your data during IT recycling? Recycling Your IT resolves data worries! Our Data Wipe or Destruction services ensure complete data security. We securely erase your disk, allowing the hard drive to be reused or disposed of, with assurance against data recovery.

Why Data Wiping?

Some believe physical destruction like using a hammer can destroy data. Recycling machines with confidential data pose risks—Photos, Letters, Credit card numbers, Passwords, Customer lists, Contracts. The 1998 Data Protection Act mandates secure destruction to prevent falling into malicious hands, safeguarding privacy and preventing identity theft.

Secure Data Wiping Services

We ensure complete data destruction using specialized software, covering computer disks, tapes, and storage media per the WEEE Directive. Clients receive a comprehensive package, including a certificate of destruction, data protection, and insurance records. Hard drives of 80 GB or more have reuse value, prioritizing environmental sustainability through wiping. The choice rests with the customer, emphasizing flexibility.

In these critical times for data security, your inquiries are crucial. Contact us or connect with our data cleansing specialists via email for clarifications or concerns.

Data Security in Focus: Expert Data Wiping Solutions

Protecting Your Digital Assets

Micronics prioritizes data security, offering specialized services to ensure the secure removal of sensitive information. Our comprehensive Data Wiping, Data Erasing, and Degaussing Services adhere to industry standards. Whether recycling laptops, mobile phones, or PCs, our Data Wipe or Destruction services guarantee complete security. The use of specialized software allows for secure hard drive wiping, covering various storage media. Opt for our services to receive a comprehensive package, including certificates of destruction, data protection, and insurance records, ensuring a commitment to environmental sustainability and flexible client choices. Connect with our experts to address your data security concerns.

  • Data Erasing Service

    Before Data Wiping Situation

  • Degaussing Service

     After Data Wiping Situation