Micronics has now a full range of data recovery services, Expertise in every Make HDD repair tools, disk image hardware, data wiping hardware, USB write blocker, hard drive duplicator, Head replacement tools etc for hard drives, RAID servers, flash drives, SSD, Mobile/cell phones .

In addition to investing 40% of operating revenue in R & D, Micronics has a dedicated office and a dedicated engineer for R & D. Our R & D team is working on the recent cyber attack malware encryption virus

We never R & D on customer media, we only work on dead media that is not useful for data. Other companies R & D on the customer media, which may cause permanent data loss. 

Strong R & D For Data Recovery

We have developed our own hardware and tools, as well as our own software. Our own hardware and software are compatible with the latest hard disk drives, as well as support the latest operating systems.