Why Data Recovery is costly in SSD then hard disk As the price of SSDs continues to drop, many computer users are opting to upgrade their storage drives. However, data recovery from SSDs can be costly, due to the way they store data.Unlike hard disks, which store data on spinning disks, SSDs store data on […]

Why hard disk Temperature is require ?

hard disk temperature major effect parameter  The temperature of a hard disk can have a major effect on its performance. If the disk is too cold, the heads may not be able to properly seek out the data. If it’s too hot, the disk may overheat and fail. The ideal temperature for a hard disk […]

Normally, for most PC users, they will save all main important files and data on their hard disks, hard disks,

ATA Passwords

Almost all laptops and some modern desktop computers have the ability to lock a hard disk drive with an ATA password so that hard drive remains

Tech Support and Data Loss

Electronic data is part of all of our lives, some is business and some is pleasure. The loss of either can devastate you financially, emotionally or both.