ATA Passwords

Almost all laptops and some modern desktop computers have the ability to lock a hard disk drive with an ATA password so that hard drive remains inaccessible until the correct password is entered. Manufacturers can call this technology fancy names (for example, HP calls it Drive Lock), but the name does not really matter – it is still the same algorithm described in the ATA/ATAPI standard.

Once set, the password is stored inside of the hard drive’s Firmware Area (which is located on the platters), and therefore it cannot be removed by swapping the circuit board. And, since the Firmware Area cannot be read with any widely available software, the password cannot be easily read or removed.

Repair Station has the ability to access the Firmware Area and reset the password, thus making your hard drive unlocked. Unlocking process is done automatically and takes just a few minutes.

Since Repair Station does not alter partitions or file systems, it is absolutely safe to your data.