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Once infected your pc than there are  solutions in Data Recovery Industries in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India as well as in world.

Ransomware in India: 5th most attacked country; Time to wake up to its dangers!

Incidence of Ransomware in India

India is 5th largest target for Ransomware in the world

Ransomeware Virus Data Recovery

To-date malware has not really majorly created a havoc in our lives. We have our antivirus software and we are reasonably protected. But this one is a different genre. Ransomware will silently get into your computer, lock all your files and data and demand a ransom to unlock it and make it usable. If this happens, you could well have a disaster on your hands – unless of course, you have backed up your data safely.

  • Your computer must be secure with antivirus
  • Be Regular Update your Antivirus Definition
  • Do Backup your Important Data in Different Media like e.g. usb external hard disk, pen drive or burn cd/dvd.  
  • Do not open any unknown Email attachment which is like 1. Income tax assessment 2. Purchase order 3. Account statement etc. . 
  • Do not use any pen drive or flash drive from unknown computer or laptop
  • Do not open any third party unknown website and be alter to download any rar and zip files from online.

State-wise, Karnataka tops the list of ransomware infections, and the other percentages are as follows:

  • Karnataka – 36.58 %
  • Tamil Nadu – 16.72 %
  • Maharashtra – 10.86 %
  • Delhi – 10.00 %
  • West Bengal  -6.70 %
  • Uttar Pradesh – 5.33 %
  • Telangana – 4.54 %
  • Kerala – 3.87 %
  • Gujarat – 2.35 %
  • Haryana – 1.96 %

Ransomware attack targets in India – Government, Banks, and More

  • Three Bank & a Pharma company were hit by Lechiffre ransomware
  • Two Business houses reported having paid $ 5 million
  • Maharashtra Government hit – Lost data on 150+ computers
  • Banks and Small Businesses
  • Damage to Government’s Ambitious Schemes – Destroying Digital India
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