Recently individual user , small office user , corporate customer and governemnt orgatnization customer are using STORAGE as USB hard disk . in Our indian Market Seagate , Western Digital and toshiba hard disk is easlity available in computer hardware retailer store. All customer is copying All photos , Vedio , Documents in USB storage hard disk . user is not awair about hard disk problem and they are fully trusted on that usb hard disk.

Generally user keep with them that usb hard disk when they travel or home to office and office to home.

So usb hard disk could be damage mishandling in travel ,usb hard disk may be damage due to virus attack , usb hard disk may be damage due to drop down from table , usb hard disk may be damage due to continue inserting in usb port whether hdd is not in use, usb hard disk may be damage due to isolatated hdd from usb connection when hdd is in working .

Generally following problem may occur in Usb hard disk/ HDD

  • Formatted
  • Hardware Failure
  • Corrupted File Systems
  • Flood Damaged Drives
  • Human Error (Deleted)
  • Virus Infected
  • Fire Damaged

But don’t Pinic We will be 100 % Recover Data from usb hard disk .